“What an amazing young lady.”
– Sir James Galway

“…what really links the pieces [of The Bitter Suite] together is the mesmerizing voice and phrasing of the vocalist Jocelyn Barth.”
– Ivana Popovic, The WholeNote

 “There aren’t many singers that blow you away halfway through the first verse of a song. Jocelyn is THAT singer.”
– Jaymz Bee, JAZZ.FM91

“[Jocelyn Barth’s] breathy vocalizing is a delight, and if you can imagine the sweetness of Ella Fitzgerald crossed with the huskiness of Peggy Lee you’ll have some idea of its sound.”
– Ron Schepper, textura

 “So hauntingly beautiful! Jocelyn Barth has the kind of voice that never fails to take you away, but always makes you want to come back for more. Her range is off the map, and her poetic interpretations are nothing short of exquisite. She is one major talent!”
– Jeanne Beker, Canadian Journalist & Member of the Order of Canada

“One must reserve special praise for Jocelyn Barth for her eloquent interpretation of [The Bitter Suite], and her pristine, high-sprung vocal is superbly bolstered by Miss Goudy and John Nicholson”
– Raul Da Gama, Toronto Music Report

 “Jocelyn is one of the most sincere and wonderful singers I’ve ever heard.”
– Mindaugas Peleckis, editor-in-chief of Radikaliai

 “working with jocelyn: switched on, positive and hugely capable”
–Jane Siberry, Canadian Music Icon

 “Jocelyn is a terrific musician and a beautiful singer. She brings joy to everything she does.”
– Don Thompson, Multiple Award-Winning Jazz Musician & Officer of the Order of Canada

 “Jocelyn Barth is a fresh voice and an old soul all in one. She projects a stunning purity of tone and an emotional depth beyond her years”.
– David Restivo, Multiple Award-Winning Jazz Pianist