the bitter suite

“The Bitter Suite” is a story told in song —
a love story through the seasons. 

In summer the romance is fresh, new and passionate, like the heat and excitement of the sunshine. In autumn our lovers have been together for years and settled into deep, cozy familiarity like the warm colours and hearty meals of fall. In winter the relationship has started to die, and like a world muted by heavy snowfall, our main character is numb and clinging to any shred of warmth. And as spring arises and the world awakens each year, our character vividly remembers the spring long ago that she met her lost love.


“A sumptuous, big band date that plays it straight and digs deep into some emotional territory, this is a solid bet for ears on the prowl for a true listening experience where no punches are pulled and the hits land triumphantly. A different kind of jazz/instrumental with vocals date, it’s a real ear opener and mind blower. Hot stuff.” – Chris Spector, Midwest Record